I ALSO completed four Log Cabin blocks last week. Log Cabin is not my favorite block to look at but it sure was easy to do the Audrey way. For Kindergarten I had to do six inch blocks. These will not go in my Kindergarten quilt because they do not fit on the schematic but they WILL be used. I chose red for the center for heat. Traditional Log Cabin blocks have a red or yellow center representing the hearth/heart of the home. 

Next, I put on a fabric that reminded me of coffee beans and dark black espresso. Then, the lightest fabric, which is called nail heads but it looked like sprinkles on the whipped cream of a designer coffee. Then, checks, looking like organized coffee grounds, unlike the times I dump the grounds on the wrong side of the filter in the morning. Last, a print that reads like coffee with cream.

Four unfinished Log Cabins, overlapping.
Why all the coffee connections? My Portlandia sister gave me some cute coffee fabric from her stash and I decided to use it for the backs of the four little blocks and make MUG RUGS!

Coffee and tea slops and spills on these little cabins will only "age enhance" them. Besides, I can't think of anything cozier than a nice cup of coffee or mug of tea by the hearth.

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