Remember last week when I said Saturday was my turn to cook? And I had picked out a chicken, butternut squash, and leek dish? Well, I went into THE CITY that day. All by myself I found what I was looking for, did not get lost, and lived to tell about it. I did NOT, however, come home, fasten on my apron, and begin slaving in front of the stove. I came home with warm-it-up-in-the-oven baby back ribs and warm-it-up-in-the-oven macaroni and cheese. 
My own photo of my own dish, not stolen from SlimmingEats.com

The family seemed just as happy with that as they did the next night when I DID make the Winter Squash Dish of the Week for October.

I know, it looks a mess but I LOVED it. It danced with my metabolism. I do not eat much in the way of carbs, and after two days of sweet bbq ribs and two days of winter squash, I suffered with body temp fluctuations. Back to the straight and narrow for me. This week I am deciding between a stuffed sweet dumpling squash dish or a butternut and spinach quiche. I am also developing a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake recipe. Think I have one all figured out. My metabolism will probably be dancing all month.

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