NUTS and BERRIES! I committed Squirrel-i-cide the other day. I feel AWFUL about it. This month has had a noticeably higher number of squirrel road-kill up here. 

My theory is there are a larger number of squirrels. Last winter was VERY mild and squirrels who might not have survived an ordinary winter made it through to a lush and green spring. 

They were bigger than usual, and I believe there were more of them, at least in OUR yard and neighborhood. Therefore, more road kill this fall as the larger number go after the remaining acorns and such.
Google doesn't know where Pinterest got this photo

My dream is to have a garden full of pumpkins and other gourds. But someone else has to prep the ground. And plant it. And water it. And keep the weeds down. And keep the deer repellent applied. 

I would photograph it.

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