Photo from Diana's Bakery in Enfield, CT
Pumpkin tea on Tuesday, Pumpkin coffee on Wednesday. You are probably wondering if I have planned to have a seasonal donut or two. When my in-laws visit, we sometimes go to Mercier Orchards to buy some apple cider donuts. Apple cider and apple juice have never figured in on my list of favorites. Refusing apple cider anything is fairly easy for me.

Saying no to most other fresh donuts is pretty hard for me, though. I try to keep donuts at bay by saying things like, "Maybe later," and "Oh, all that are left are plain cake donuts? I'll wait until next time." That way, I can keep donuts to once a year, or at least I can try. (I DO try to do that with ice cream, but last year was rough.   I think I must have indulged five or six times. Maybe more but I have blocked it from my memory.)

Anyway, If I am anywhere near a fresh pumpkin donut this fall, I will try to remember that it has about 360 calories and 40 grams of carbs. I will try to just say, "No, thank you

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