Cucurbita maxima
"Kabocha is commonly called Japanese pumpkin, especially in Australia and New Zealand. It is also called kabocha squash in North America. In Japan, the word kabocha may refer to either this squash or to the Western-style pumpkin." WIKIPEDIA

SO this was the staple of my weekend cooking.

I skinned and cut the squash into cubes, roasted it with onion and layered it into some Maria Callender pie shells with sauteed spinach and sage,

and from a separate saute pan, fried tomato slices with minced garlic. Then, I put a cup of shredded Swiss cheese, and the quiche basic of 3 cups of cream, 6 eggs, and because it was squash, a teaspoon of nutmeg. It made two NOT deep-dish quiches. The one in the picture I froze for the next weekend. I purposely cooked it 5 minutes less so when I reheat it next week, I can allow it to get a golden finish. It was pretty good, and EVERYone had some--BOTH days.

Sorry this entry is late in appearing. Sleep has been unusual lately. I just woke up from a 12 hour rest after weeks of only 4 hours at a time.

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