QuiltFest 2013!
Misty Mountain Quilt Guild has a quilt show every other year. I entered four and also put one in the guild challenge, Fall. THAT entry is the only one with a WINTER SQUASH.

My Favorite Season Wall Quilt

You have seen it before because I made it two years ago for a silent auction in a particularly low economic dip. There must have been over one hundred items in the silent auction that year and I am glad this one did not sell because I love how it came out. The others have gone on to new homes somewhere. Probably at the local thrift stores!

I won a third place and an honorable mention but I am not sure which ones won what yet. Here are my submissions. I will go back and label them when I can. It is a very busy weekend setting up the Boutique for the show and then working the show all day Saturday.

You have seen them all before but this one doesn't look like this anymore, though. My Applique group convinced me it needed more quilting. I do not like how it turned out but I still like the quilt itself.

Took this one right off the wall. It is tiny, 9 X 9

Appliqued hexies on my favorite brown background. I need to rephotograph it because the lovely border treatment does not show.

This one HAD to be made. It talked to me as soon as I saw the fabric.

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