No pictures today. We (HAH) ate dumpling squash with a mixture of ground beef, ground Italian sausage and seared onion and garlic. I dumped in a little chicken stock, also. I cut three squashes in half, filled three , topped them with parmesan cheese, mozzarella and broiled them so the cheese was crispy and browned lightly.  Everyone else ate leftovers while I ate my little dumplings over the course of three days. No one else even gave them a try. Oh, well. So much for THAT experiment. 

They DID eat my failed pumpkin cheesecake, though. I had too much liquid, and the thing was more like pumpkin pudding on a graham cracker base. I think I can fix that. I hope they don't mind if I try.

I still haven't had pumpkin chicken curry soup this month, so that just maybe on the menu for the weekend.

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