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Pattypan Squashes (Cucurbita pepo) are considered a SUMMER squash! I never knew that. I have only ever seen them in the fall displays in Florida grocery stores.

I will have to watch for them in the late spring and early summer up here, now that I live "up north" in the Deep South.

So, before you get all excited because I promised a WINTER Squash-a-day, chew on this:
Chewbacca Carved Pumpkin
Cake and Commerce website found HERE
Back to the Pattypans.
I have only seen the white variety, and I have only eaten it steamed and lightly seasoned. There are hundreds of recipes that use it as a cute little container and many stuff it in ways that could only be described as ITALIAN.
Long Island Seed

I had no idea they came in any other color, let alone parti-color like those to above. THIS is a website you should visit if you are at all interested in growing things. They have developed a Green Asteroid version that is fun to see. Long Island Seed Project  is devoted to the organic gardener, small farmer, seed saver and "backyard breeder". 

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