Curcubita moschat, 16 gms carbs in a cup

My night to cook. I have determined to make something with a featured winter squash. I got a recipe for Chicken, Leeks, and Butternut Squash from Slimming Eats via Pinterest. Her website says I can not reprint her recipe or her pictures so I will basically just tell you what it involves and if you want exact amounts, you can hop the link from where I connected it on my Pinterest Board called Can't Believe I Want to Cook.

Basically, I shall saute parsley, thyme, garlic, and chicken until the chicken is lightly golden and ready to set aside. In the frying pan I will add onions and cubed butternut squash and the some chicken stock, a little bit at a time. Then I will be adding chopped leeks and cooking it a little longer. It will all go into a rectangular glass dish. I will pour on more chicken stock, add some more seasoning and some parmesan cheese and bake it. 

It sounds so good to me. I rejoined Pinterest not long ago and I follow the boards of a lot of people who enjoy cooking. You know I DO NOT enjoy it but when I see such beautiful pictures in my Home Feed, I just had to make a board for some of the recipes that were shared. Now I am glad I did. I sure hope after tonight I feel the same way.

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