FMQC October

I truly enjoyed practicing this month. I liked the backs as well as the fronts of my samples.

The guest instructor is Teri Lucas. She has been published everywhere and does some really mesmerizing whole cloth work.

She suggested some drawing practice with color pencils. For the quilting, she would have liked for us to use different kinds of threads, battings, and top fabrics but those of us who were unable to do so still had fun with different color threads.
 I did, anyway. We started by writing our names and sort of doodling around. I tried some shells and a seahorse and bubbles, of course.
Then I tried stones (yeah, look just like bubbles, I know) and oak and acorns. I think I will have better luck if I find a stencil or make my own to get the oak leaves and acorns just the way I like them.

Here is where you should click to see what I found most inspiring.  Be sure to scroll down to the picture just below the one where she is showing needling a grid with her open-toe foot. It is the nautilus. If I had permission, I would dump that little picture right here on my blog. Isn't it lovely? There is something about the lighting and the sparkle of the threads, the shimmer of the silk. You know me, I am NOT a sparkle kind of person but this is my favorite Teri Lucas sample.

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You have my permission to take the download the photo and post it on your blog.