Ready for a room temperature room freshener? I got this from LIFE HACKER. Now, I can't quite figure out the LIFE HACKER site. I tried to do a little exploring and all I got was confused. But Google did show me this.

"If you have essential oils and bicarb soda on hand, you can save a bundle on room fresheners by mixing the two ingredients in a small container. The bicarb absorbs unwanted odours while the essential oils fill the air with desirable scents."

Life Hacker goes on to say another website, The Burlap Bag, gives further info:  select a container and  fill it one/fourth full with baking soda and add eight or so drops of essential oil. It is supposed to last a couple of weeks but many of the commenters said it only lasted a few days. Others said they just shook it up. Apparently the shaker-uppers were among those who fashioned some sort of top for their jars.
Color your own with Vitreous glass paint, then bake color on in your oven
For a mason jar style container:
a round piece of lace, a little larger than the lid and use it in place of the metal insert. In other words, just screw the ring top over the lace.
Same as above but use tulle
Or burlap
Or pierced paper cupcake liner
Or pierced decorative papers--EVerybody knows a scrapbooker, right? Don't call ME, I am NOT one.

Buy these cute pierced sippers for $48 a dozen (with 12 paper straws!)--WAIT!!! You are reading through these ideas because you want to SAVE money. Okay, here are just the lids at about $.70 each including shipping.
 Use tins such as old breath mint tins and pierce holes in the tops.
Use decorative glassware such as old sherbet goblets, old salt shakers, spice shakers from the Dollar store.

Some commenters suggested places to buy essential oils. I think probably a good quality fragrance oil would last longer than some of the suggested ones (Walmart? Who knew?). Some suggested using excess fragrance oil from Bath and Body Works but I do not have any of that. I will be looking into getting some fragrance oils. Tomorrow: Room freshening spritzes.

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