Life pretty much HAS been wienderful, aside from insomnia.

I believe I have age-onset insomnia, which I have had for about ten years now. I have no trouble falling asleep--until lately. In the past four or five years (off and on), I used an over the counter diphen hydramine product and that began to fail. One night I took three, not two, tablets and slept well but decided if I was ramping up the dose, it could not be good for me. I have not used any in a several days and I am not sleeping less than I had in the previous weeks. Maybe 4-6 hours in 24 is normal, but I do not feel clear-headed. I do all the right things:

last meal or snack four hours or more before lying down
no alcohol
no caffeine after 12:00 noon
chamomile tea late in the evening
moved estrogen to morning dosing

I find I am going to bed LATER (2 a.m.) and waking even EARLIER (4-6 a.m.) than before. If I could have just enough "knock-out drops" once a week, and sleep 12-14 hours. . . Is this how drug addiction starts? People, desperate to medicate themselves because medical professionals do not have answers?

Enough of that. Perhaps I just need a new MONDAY MANTRA. Instead of I CHOOSE HEALTH from a website with healing mantras, I will customize it to my use.


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