The weather is getting chillier and it is apparent that I need to make some new winter nightgowns. I have been wearing a summer gown under a winter gown because they have worn so thin. I never thought about it before but in Florida, I probably only wore winter gowns a few weeks out of the year. Here, I wear them a minimum of six months. No wonder they are wearing out. 
Not only that, my favorite chenille winter robe has shed so much of its fluff over the past few winters, it is almost as thin as my summer robe.
I searched for a robe via the internet for two days. I had a couple of specific criteria: zip or button, not tie; long sleeves not three/quarter; goes all the way to the ground less about 3 inches.
Great sleeves, snap up front, but WAIT. Chilly calves and feet!
The last two specifics--long enough sleeves and long enough overall meant that I would be looking for size TALL.
I am not a tall person. In fact, according to my height, I qualify for petite on some size charts.
I DO have to buy size TALL long sleeve shirts (ARE YOU LISTENING LLBEAN AND LANDSEND?????) if I want them to come to my wrists. And it is rare that I find any sleepwear that I consider floor length. 

What is it with "WALTZ LENGTH"? I am not planning to participate in Ballroom Dancing. What I AM planning to do is cuddle up on the couch WITH MY ANKLES COVERED.  Poor TALL gals. There is very little available to you for warm sleepwear. 
Check back tomorrow and see my attempt at a solution.

That is better but 
my legs are still cold. 

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BicraftualMe said...

My best friend for winter sleeping is fleece sheets.They are incredibly warm. We sleep on flannel the rest of the year.I dont wear pajamas or a robe, we have comfy, pajama style, house clothes that we wear all day. I only put street clothes on if I'm leaving the house.