If you think I am a paragon of virtue and only laugh at the most sophisticated of humorous anecdotes, to preserve this illusion, you should stop reading today's post right now and seek an earlier posting such as this one, or maybe this one. I simply could not bear to shatter your fragile view of the world and the marvelous creatures on it.

Laughing Out Loud
You may have typed it a billion times but have you ever actually done it? While using the computer?
I just did.

I laughed out loud all through reading the short piece (linked at the bottom of the page )by Colin Nissan. I will not reprint it here, but you can click link the title to where it was published October 20, 2009, just scroll down when you get to the page.  

If that sort of language had been acceptable in a classroom setting, I probably would have read it to my students. They would have "gotten it". Hey, many would have LOVED it! We would all have laughed. Without further ado, I link to you

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BicraftualMe said...

I read it, it *was* very funny! Also he had some creative ideas!