I have spent four days trying to make a studio out of my huge gigantic piles. I now ALMOST have things assigned to certain areas 

depending on the technique used to accomplish the project. As usual, I have found a billion things I forgot I had. 
That is okay, though. Today there is a sale at the Quilt Shop on Main in Jasper 

and I can get some more fabric that might help finish the billion projects. Or start some new ones.

So if you live anywhere near Pickens County and you are at home in your jammies reading this post, get up, get dressed, get going. This is going to be a great sale.


Did you guess that I would be looking for red fabrics? I am also looking for this book by Carol Gilham Jones and Bobbi Finley. Our Applique class is headed for stained glass style--not really my cup of tea. While looking for a pattern I might like in stained glass, I found this book. I absolutely DID check to see if my library had it--they did not. 

P.S. I DID find some stained glass style I could live with over at Three Swans Studios. For instance, what do you think of this? Yeah, me, too. Lovely but too fiddly with all the petals on THE SUNFLOWER. I think
Original Quilty Friend might like this one. It looks like it has fabrics she might like. I kind of like it, too.Ooops. LEAVES AND BERRIES does not count as stained glass. I guess my tiles book does not count either. Although tiles and this little design have space between the applique, they do not have the black lines that imitate the leading in real stained glass. 

These are more stencil style. Too bad because look what else they have that I like. TULIPS, PINKS, DIANTHUS, and SUMMER ROSES. Check them out under the subtitle, Applique.

If it must be stained glass style, I choose PICES. Isn't it a dandy? The website says, "The design was inspired by a stained glass Pisces from a window in the magnificent 13th century Chartres Cathedral in France." I have seen the original!

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