I am told that this lovely lady is a hickory tree. I had the photo setting for this post too large. I think if you click it, it will open in another window and you can see how pretty it really is.

Anyway, back to the hunt for the perfect winter bathrobe. 
Remember? No wrap-tie fronts, wrists covered, ankles at least approached.

The next day after exhausting everything on this planet that would ship to my address, I decided to find a pattern and make my own. Sleeves that are too short can be changed by cutting them longer before the cuff. Length that is too short in a pattern almost never happens but if it does, that, too can also be fixed. The search should not have taken very long except I FIRST LOOKED AT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE PATTERNS. Waste. Of. Time. 

Finally I wised up and checked etsy.com and found a lot of out-of-print patterns that suited me just fine. Here is the one I decided on. Kwik Sew 2726. Then to choose fabric. I want fleece. A non-pill fleece would be just the thing. Maybe at a sale price. 

Fabric.com had a lot of fleece on sale. I picked one I liked, found a website that would show me the back of the pattern, figured out how much to buy and ordered. What do you think?

Sweet, isn't it? I just now noticed the ruler at the bottom of the picture. I thought the cute little double cherries pictures would be about the size of a quarter. Well I was wrong.   
Can you see my photo of the fabric that came Tuesday? Yes, that is my quarter. 
These are going to be some HUGE cherries...

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Anonymous said...

Could not find a house coat to suit me. Frustration. Solved when I ran across Blair's elongated sweat jacket which snaps down the front. No ties, no hair attracted, warm and comfy.