It has been chilly here, lately. In addition to wearing two nightgowns, socks, and my spring/fall bathrobe and occasionally sweatpants, I have been having hot tea again every afternoon. I have come up with a rating system to play around with since I bought two boxes of assorted teas. Here is what I have so far.

Blueberry Superfruit. Four and a half stars out of five. It is not at all tea-like but I enjoyed the flavor very much.
Acai Berry. Four and a quarter stars. Also not tea flavored and almost as good as the blueberry. In fact, I can see myself preferring it somedays. 

Lemon Ginger. Four and a quarter stars. Very good but seems like a tea to have in place of dessert. It really did beg to be had with gingersnaps but since I am not "doing" carbs right now, I had it alone.

 Cinnamon Apple Chamomile. Three and a half stars. It was okay but smelled better than it tasted. Plus, for all that it says caffeine free, I only slept for a few minutes at a time last night. Probably not the tea, though.


Licorice Spice. Five Stars. This one is always my favorite. It settles my stomach after a meal and makes me smile when I sip it. It is naturally sweet and so far is the only one I use that I don't add some sort of artificial sweetener. Both of my "quasi local" grocery stores used to have it but I have not seen it lately. I will check Walmart next week. Otherwise, I will have to find another five star flavor!

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