Yesterday was Tea Time Tuesday, and I didn't even show you the most recent addition to my tea box.

I am trying this tea out. It tastes good, doesn't seem to need sugar, but I'm not exactly sure if it lives up to its claims.

Only the top one has caffeine, so that suits me quite well. You drink the Lean in the morning, the Lost at night and the Burning after any meal.

It's interesting and the cost was a little lower than I expected.

I also have more of an old favorite, Decaf Ginger Peach.  I now wish I bought the travel tin, as well. This is a nice little tea to have hot when flying and all the stewards have is black.

Finally finished Splendid block #31, Blossoming, designed by Jennifer Reynolds. Even though I chose to do mine in all one color, it took some time. Of all the thousands of people doing the Sampler, I believe I will be number 23 or 24 to submit my Blossoming block. I am proud of that.

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