Keep on perseverin'
Have finished some blocks.

Gypsy block from the Free Block Saturday at Quilt Shop on Main. The sample in the directions was gray scale, so I was not sure where the green should go, or the gold or the print. 

OOPS. As originally designed.

I made the specified numbers of shapes from the specified colors, then arranged them the way I liked them. I really like the way it came out.

I also finished my Second Saturday Sampler block from the quilt Amish with a Twist, that I am doing at Bless My Stitches Quilt Shop. This was my favorite so far on the scale of how easy it was. Or maybe I am getting better with the seam matching. I think I only used the seam ripper once.

Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild block of the month was a study in half square triangles. We played with some manipulatives made in colored foam sheets and had contests for tangram type puzzles. 

This guild has WONDERFul programs and great leadership. They are involved on the national level and, basically, this type of guild is what I have been hoping to find. 
I like the emphasis on the education of the guild member. I love my other guilds but their interpretation of education is educating the community and charity work for the community. That is not what I pay my fee for. I've done my time educating the community.
Temecula's Circa 2016 block this week was Fox and Geese. My blocks really are square, just not flat at the time of taking the pictures. One of my geese was flying the wrong way in the blue square, so I had to take it apart and straighten it out. I guess the last press didn't take.

Splendid Sampler Block #29 is Scrappy Happy Heart, by Christa Watson. It was fun to do. I was able to use some pieces I had relegated to the scrap-for-dog beds pile. I felt thrifty.

Splendid Sampler block #30 by Amy Ellis, is called Simple Surprises. It was enjoyable.

Those of us involved in the Splendid Sampler got a letter from founder Pat Sloan the other day, where she told us, " The little Secret I want to share is that most of us ... yes... MOST of us are not making each block as it it comes out.
Life happens, you miss a few ... and then 'That Feeling' occurs. That one of 'feeling behind'. If you have been here more than 10 minutes you know this is a JOURNEY and not a Race, which is a huge relief right?
The next day, the block that showed up had INTENSE embroidery on it. I think she realized we all needed a peptalk. I started my block #31, but it will not be ready by the end of this post.

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