I tried a new flavor for some iced "tea".  I like caffeine-free beverages after noon, and this looked like it might be good. So far, I've made it twice and can't seem to get a nice strong flavor. First, I tried it with four teabags in a half gallon, then six the second time. Next time, I'm using the remaining 10 bags.

I think it would be more flavorful if I added sugar, but that is not the point of drinking this. The point is to drink more fluids that DO NOT contain sugar. It's okay, but it's no Tazo Iced Passion.

I've been doing other things, besides making and drinking iced tea. 

I am working on a quilt top for the PULSE project, through Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild. 

The Modern Quilt Guild of Orlando is spearheading the project. 

Those dark things on the left side blocks are safety pins. I use them to help me keep the rows in the right order. At this point, I've only sewn the top two rows together but you can get a pretty good idea of how its going to look.

I also made a pillow case that is long enough for my queen sized pillow. I've had the fabric for a couple of months, now, so it was time.

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WAZOO! Quilting said...

Hey, Purl Buttons! The Cotton Patch shop is wonderful, and not too far off the highway in a new strip mall. If you are ever in that area, take a look. BTW, my favorite iced tea (steeped, then cut with more water) is Lusianne de-caf. It comes in giant bags where you only need three for a gallon of tea. There is also a loose tea called Caribbean Crush that is fragrant and lovely hot or cold. Love the hex block, but too small for my fat fingers. I just bought some cards for 3" hexes to make with my Kaffe stash.