I am not a supplement taker. I know plenty of people that eat whole piles of pills every day mixing minerals, vitamins, and other who knows what. So much so, that I'm sure they have to skip meals because there is not room in their stomachs for food with all those food replacements and enhancers. 

But, I DO take Calm. I take it every night. It can range in price from about $12 to $24 a month. I used to get about three to four hours of sleep a night before coming fully awake and finding it difficult to go back to sleep. Now, mostly I sleep five hours and after waking, I can fall back asleep with minimal effort and sleep two more hours.

I can't easily find it locally--at least, I haven't asked my groc store pharmacy yet if they will order it in. I did pay DOUBLE the usual price at a teeny health food market inside a chiropractor's office (not my chiro) When I got home, I found my bag had my Calm, the organic lentils and organic black beans I purchased, and several religious tracts.  I decided to find a different source, so AMAZON to the rescue.

Except, I could not find exactly what I wanted at what I was willing to pay. I ended up with this, instead.

I'm not sure what the benefits are to having the mgs of the calcium BALANCE the mgs of magnesium, but it seems to work the same as far as my sleep pattern goes. With the other version, I get 80% of my MDR of magnesium, but only 20% of my calcium. I will have to go back to inputting my meals at Sparkpeople.com because they calculate all that and much much more at the bottom of the nutrition tracker page.

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