Remember my dejunkification? I got up to week 13 back in January. Well, I'm going to take up that task again. At least, that is my plan. AwaySon has tickets to come help with the basement, and also visit! There are a lot of tools and musical instruments that need new homes. There are collections of music that need to be sorted and dispatched to whatever target is to be their final destination. There are boxes of books that need to be re-gifted.
Stole this from a site that wants to teach me how to STORE my stuff. NOPE.

I have books on the main floors that I can part with. My plan is to go to each room and select my few most favorite things and fit them in one box to keep. Great plan, huh? Books I thought would be hard to part with, but I have a good idea of which reference books are worth keeping. Plus, LIBRARY. Who needs books when there is the library?


Suzanne Rostek said...

Hooray for dejunkification! Progress is slow but steady here.

James Harrison said...

OK Dear Sister, we will give a good home to the musical instruments if you let me know what you have.