Here's the Monday Mantra a day early. I know I haven't been as regular with these as I might. I'm not presenting an excuse.

Splendid Sampler block #36 is called Inchy Hexagon Club, designed by Jane Davidson.  

Let me just start off by saying I NEVER thought I would do hexies this small. In fact, I have been entertaining the idea of doing them LARGE, like the size of a dinner plate. These took two and a half hours to prepare and 20 minutes to sew together each flower.

ALSO, let me say, this is a 6" block and the hexies are NOT one inch, but half inch. Hexies are measured along one of the six straight sides. 

There are women who do QUARTER INCH hexi quilts. 

NOT on my bucket list.

Splendid Sampler block #37, Dashing by Chocolate, is designed by Laura Flynn of Cotton Patch Quilt Shop, which is in University Park, FL. I can't imagine there is a quilt shop in Florida that I have not yet visited. The website gives you no idea where this is except an exit number off of I-75. I'm going to guess it is near U of F.

Temecula's Circa 2016 this week is called Old Maid's Puzzle. I think it is reminiscent of last week's baskets, but it is much easier to figure the assembly.

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