FINALLY we got some rain. Lucky for me, my three Knock-Out Rose bushes were planted about an hour before it began in earnest. We have had rain off and on and it has been wonderful.

A couple of my amaryllis have come up and I succumbed (sucame?) to the call of the annuals and bought some petunias. They were inexpensive and I was hoping they would last a week but they have done better than that. I think I got my money's worth. 

Petunias always remind me of when I lived with my grandmother and students at my elementary school were allowed to order a petunia for Mother's Day. We were told to bring in a dime and the Friday before Mother's Day, we would have our little plant. I wanted one very much because I was sure it would help my mother get well. I remember hopping off the bus and crossing the road to the house with the petunia behind my back in case my mother should watch from an upstairs window. I was so excited to have this little gift. When I got to the house, I was told I could not disturb my mother because she was sleeping. I don't remember if I every gave her the petunia or not.

Keeping up with Circa 2016. This is called Little Tree.
I think it is an odd little block. I put the blue one together a couple of times.

Block #33 of the Splendid Sampler was designed by Pat Sloan.  She called it Selvage Saver, but I did mine from fabric strips. It looks like it is waiting for a nice little applique'.

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