Guess which meeting
this bottle of wine goes to?
This round of quilt guilds is as full of parties as the November/December meetings are. Last night, Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild met early and went to a quilt show just up the street, then walked back to a special dinner meeting of salads and desserts. I try not to eat desserts, but Mrs. Wazoo's bar cookies let me ignore that. I took two home and enjoyed them so much.

Next week is Misty Mountain Quilt Guild's June Memorial Meeting. The spread will be sumptuous, since EVERYone is expected to bring something, and this guild is filled with southern cooks, church ladies, and military wives who ALL have a best dish. We will have a program that remembers the beginning of our group, and memorializes friends and family who have died in the past year.

Then, at Southern Appalachian Modern Quilt Guild, we are having Christmas in July. We are to bring a $20 gift, wrapped uniquely. I have to remember to bring tea, sweeteners, and lemons. 

I spent all Friday morning researching how to wrap a bottle of wine uniquely. I printed out a couple of patterns for wine carriers, but then I realized FUROSHIKI was the answer. After  a few youtube.com videos, I was ready to come up with a combo of techniques. Instead of the light weight Furoshiki fabric, I cut two pieces of quilters cotton, about 24" square and put wrong sides together to begin my wrapping. I tucked in raw edges wherever I could. 

This is the only Christmas fabric I had on hand, and since I am not buying anymore fabric, I had to cut it and free it to go live somewhere else. These are vintage pieces, 20 years older than the wine.

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WAZOO! Quilting said...

I wrapped my secret sister gift for the PMQG retreat in an authentic furoshiki I received while in Japan. I have a book of omiyage that has many of the little hostess type gifts they give there. I don't think the lady who got the gift understood what I told her about the tradition of omiyage, but she now has the fabric! I hope the receiver has an appreciation of good wine! Yum.