Grandmother's Choice, episode 1--Introduction

THIS JUST IN--look at the wonderful Raffle Quilt made by some of the Misty Mountain QOV quilters, designed by my  ArtyQuilty friend. If you want tickets, get in touch with me.

Today, I am busy with my Block of the Week featuring squares honoring the Suffragist Movement.
Today I begin the GRANDMOTHER'S CHOICE BlOCK OF THE WEEK group making blocks honoring suffragists and women's equality issues. This is my first BOW but I am a frequent reader of Barbara's blog. She hosted a Civil War Block of the Week last year and if you wander around on that link I just gave you, you will see some pictures of some beautiful historic quilts as well as more modern quilts honoring quiltmaking from that era.

I am considering using 1930s reproduction prints because as soon as I read about this BOW, I thought of my grandmother and her sister, my great-aunt and how they were affected by women's rights issues. They were young women in the 1930s and lived with widowed Great-Grandmother (their mother) in a farmhouse in Winslow, Maine. Eleanor Roosevelt was a popular topic of discussion and now I wish I could go back and absorb some of those conversations.

If you want to join in, hop on over to GRANDMOTHER'S CHOICE and check it out.

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