So. I went stash diving again and although I could not find my sweater's worth of deep blue Berroco Ultra Alpaca--I am sure it was Ultra Alpaca...or maybe it was Cascade 220? Anyway, mid dive I found several Allbut projects. By that I mean, all but [fill in the blank] such as all but sleeves, all but three-needle bind off at shoulders, that kind of thing. 
 Such as this tank by Deb Gemmell. I bought it as a paper hard copy pattern, but you can go to Patternfish and buy it as a PDF right HERE I found out that I had only the shoulders to do and maybe a little crochet around armholes and neck. I did not rib the whole thing but only the underarms and I put a pattern stitch through the body. I remember when I bought the yarn they did not have enough cotton in a color I liked so I ended up with the same dusty, sick green I tend to have a lot of. It must be because everyone hates that green and buys all the other colors.I think IF I finish this, I might try overdying it or using it as an undershirt this winter. Generally, greens do not look good on me unless they have more blue undertones. I SURELY dislike dusty ANY COLOR but this was a class so I had to buy at the shop. More's the pity.

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