Another Allbut. 
Also cotton but in a color I really enjoy. It is the Bistro Shirt from Oat Couture, by Annie Dempsey. Once again, a pattern I bought as a paper pattern but is now available as a PDF from Patternfish.
At least, I think this is the pattern I Allbutted. That is the exact color of cotton yarn I chose. It is in a bag with the pattern and I chose to do it in the round. It is finished up to the armholes. 

If it is not Bistro, it could be the Laguna Blouse , which I also found in the same bag... Whatever it is, I discovered that yesterday's Allbut and today's, both out of cotton yarn were abandoned because I take no pleasure--NONE AT ALL--in knitting with cotton.  I will have to get over it and finish these Allbuts. At least they were not acrylic.