Here is a photo of my QOV doll! My ArtyQuilty friend photographed it for me. 

Also: Today is the first day of the rest of my diet. I will be tracking sodium and carbs and recording + or - for pound loss at the bottom of some of my posts. I will put the subtitle DIET UPDATE and record the previous day's data. That way you can stop reading at that point if you find it boring. I can already predict that I will miss candy corn...
sodium--not recorded, target:  less than 2,000 mg daily
carbs--not recorded, target:  less than 20 grams daily
weight--starting date, no change recorded, first target:  5% by October 1

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BicraftualMe said...

You are the third person I know to do this dieting thing. You all need to stop. Every pound that the other two have lost, I have gained. Please try to send your lost poundage to someone else. Thank you in advance. Love, Kim