Today I work on Block 2 of the GC BOW (Grandmother's Choice Block of the Week)

Yesterday and the day before I did a lot of knitting and looking at new projects to start for knitting and spent a lot of time on Ravelry. Here are some things I am considering.

Stephen West's Colonnade shawl. HERE is a pretty version of it. THIS is the pattern--for FREE! It is knitted in a Malabrigo at about 3 stitches per inch and takes 3 skeins. I think I would do it all on color. Maybe later, though. I have a ton of shawls.
Hand Maiden's Sea Angel Jacket is a FREE pattern, just click the link. It is knit cuff to cuff and the gauge is 5 stitches to the inch. They use two yarns held together and it is an airy-hairy--not at ALL my style. I think I would try a sport and see if I like the fabric at 5 stitch/inch.

This one from ABC-knitting-patterns.com
looks like a good one to practice short-row bust shaping. Elaine Phillips has a slew of free patterns available. A lot of them are for American Girl Doll and use great big thick yarns so they would be fast knits using up scraps.
Here is the one I think I might try out. It is called Falling Stars Top Down Sweater.
Can you believe all these designers who are so willing to share their patterns? They surely are generous.

I am interested in the Transitions Yoke Cardigan which features top down styling. I think  could learn a lot from this one. I am sure I would learn how to use a different cuff style for the sleeve, not being a fan of  "gravy drippers". The rings at the top might be fun to do with color yarns.

All those things considered, I am thinking what I would really like to do is try out one of the Chic Knits patterns. They are downloadable--as long as you have a credit card to pay for them, but from all the reviews I have read, they are well-worth it. Here is a sample of some of my favorites.

Left is Sandrine, see better pictures HERE. You will also see a pullover style but I like the cardigan better. I like the waisted style and top-down construction. It uses DK yarn. She has a nicely shaped cardigan (right)called the Basic Chic V-Neck Cardigan that uses Aran weight yarn. It is a bottom up construction and that is holding me back from putting it at the top of my wish list. But isn't it cute?
Here is Cerisara. I like best the lacey vest look and the drapiness of the fabric due to the DK weight yarn. It is top-down but the drawback for me is the rolly-curl down the front. I would always be fiddling with that but I could probably modify it to have a smoother silhouette. 

*  *  *  *     MY TOP THREE   *  *  *  *
I really, really, really like this little jacket called CECE . Unfortunately, it is not a top-down, but I could overlook that because it seems fairly straight-forward. In fact, that makes it easier to do a longer version. I have seen all kinds of versions with 3/4 sleeves, long sleeves, longer body, everything. Maybe this time next year it will be on the needles for me and my new body. Love it.

Do you like Vonica?
It has a lot of potential. It has the drapey DK fabric, top-down construction, and I like the fact that the front edges would not need modification. Those ARE 3/4 sleeves and the model does not have dirty arms, although it does look like it. My version would have full sleeves with no dirt.

My favorite is Cinnie. I looked at every single Ravelry project that used this pattern and saw this modeled on a variety of body types in the long, and the cropped version. I saw it sleeveless, capped, short, and 3/4 with cuff. It looked pretty good on everybody. I even saw it on someone whose body looks like mine and she gave notes for how she made it look so good on her. I think this is the one I would like to start with to introduce myself to Chic Knits.

sodium--no idea
             target: about 2,000 mg daily
            target: less than 20 grams daily
            first target: 5% by October 1 

Ate two salads, one at lunch.Think the steroids are slowing me down. Should be back on track tomorrow.

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