The guest teacher for September is Paula Reid of Batts in the Attic Quilt Studio. She is another example of a machine quilter who uses templates for "free motion". I just can not wrap my head around how templates qualify as free motion. Thanks to an earlier tutorial by Don Linn, I had the tulle method to help me transfer the pattern. Thanks to the other instructors, I had learned that it is okay to go back over some of the lines and more than once makes it look less like a mistake. I am gaining more confidence with this.

Since June, my 1630 machine has been out of commission. Instead,I have been using my 915. Obstacles include: no automatic needle down; difficulty changing the bobbin; no advanced warning of low bobbin. What I do NOT miss about not using the 1630: I can actually switch the light off and on on the 915; the 915 does not keep turning itself off and on at warp speed causing the needle to jump back and forth maniacally constantly resetting the needle down option.

Well, I have said it before. I. HATE. FEATHERS. But this is not so bad. She gave no directions as to where to start, inner or outer but said that it would be necessary to retrace lines. It is a lovely motif, but one I am NEVER EVER EVER likely to use in my own machine quilting. I do not even like feathers as hand quilting. I am sure some of the professional quilters doing this challenge have some lovely work. Me, I can see that precision and exact copy are not going to be part of my style. I prefer more "free" in my free motion.

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