Yesterday I hand pieced two blocks for the Suffragist BOW. There are only 48 more Saturdays to go. I had already sort of semi-planned to use a lavender and green theme, borrowing the colors for the American Suffragist movement but when I saw the block and noted the name--yes, Barbara Brackmann chose Grandmother's Choice as the first block--I knew I would make two of them.

I always associate green and lavender with Auntie. In fact, the daisies in the larger triangles remind me of something she might have worn. Auntie was patient with me with all kinds of needlework and taught me a lot. I even have one or two sewing projects I think she helped my mother make back in the time period of these fabrics.   I am proud to make my first block in her honor. She was a lifelong "career girl" as they were called back then. She retired after 50 years as a secretary and was an inspiration to nieces and grand-nieces.
Her sister, my grandmother, almost always wore blue. I loved the puppies and kittens riding trikes and playing together because the children's novelty fabric makes me think of her life as a young mother. As my mother's mother, she no doubt influenced Mom in color choice. Mom has always favored yellow which reminds me of the painted kitchen cabinets and bedroom furniture at Grammie's house. I chose the yellow with the children's toys because Mom is a grandmother, too.

sodium--2903, target: about 2,000 mg daily
carbs--10.5, target: less than 20 grams daily
weight--  -.8, first target: 5% by October 1

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