I am up early enough to see the miracle of sunrise. Today it will be filtered through clouds and mist. Miracle.

Absolutely HAVE to clean out this studio again. I have several quilting projects out in various stages of disarray. Then there is the knitting. I think I should probably triage every area and at least separate overflow into different media. 

I have decided to liberate that beautiful blueberry alpaca I wrote about on the 14th--click to see the picture again. I will have to put it on the swift as it comes off the sweater (definitely larger than I would like to wear anyway) and gently bathe it to release the crinkles. I may try the Downy Wrinkle Release first, which I really like to use.
I am thinking I would like to make Lara by Debbie Bliss, but I already have six inches of the first sleeve done on that in another yarn, another color. I do not like the fabric it made--too loose for the one ply yarn--so I may undo that as well.
This is the sweater destined to be the blueberry, I think. It is the Cara Crossover Cardi by Helene Rush. It will look lovely over jeans and dress up my usual winter wardrobe of jeans and a horrible partially acrylic WalMart sweatshirt in a color that was on sale, not necessarily one I would select for myself. No doubt I will make it two or three inches longer so I do not have to have gaposis if I need to bend over and pick something up.

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