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What a great day for a nice cup of tea! Well, almost. It has been cool here in the mornings, but not cool enough for hot tea in the afternoon. When it IS time for hot tea, I will be thinking about something decaffeinated. I did not know Constant Comment came that way.  Constant Comment is a favorite of one of my sisters-in-law. I have three: OregonSister-in-Law, SouthFloridaSister-in-law, and MidFloridaSister-in-Law. Constant Comment is SouthFlorida's favorite tea. 
I like to think it reminds us both of the fall and winter holidays. Must be the fact that we tend to drink hot tea in the winter and the scent of this one has orange, cloves and cinnamon; scents of the season. It is almost time, Sis!
If you are looking for a green tea, this one also comes in GREEN TEA FLAVOR! So far, I have never tasted a green tea I could stand but I am willing to try it. Maybe...

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