Aunt Lola's Baskets

To the left is what I think might have been a summer purse or summer work basket. It has plastic yellow lining and is woven of some sort of paper product and rope with wood splats, wood lid and bottom. The hasp and handles have plastic "leather".

These nesting baslets have yellow barkcloth. I think sets of these were sold in threes but I'm not sure.

This is one of my favorites. It is a yarn basket and has a hole in the top. Yarn is inside and draws through the hole. The yarn stays clean and out of kitty's reach. If the project is small enough, it can be stored in the basket. I have seen smaller ones and even bought one but it was missing the woven handles. I think this is a basket made by the MicMac Indians for trade.

Why baskets? I have always loved them, collected them, and enjoyed making them. I hope to be on the list today for an OASIS basketry class. I am required to take the very beginning class before taking the more advanced classes even though I have taught the more advanced ones!

P.S. Didn't get in the class. Maybe someday I will tell you what class I AM taking

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