Our "new" car.

We were not expecting to buy a car so soon but circumstances allowed us to do so.

It has 4 wheel drive which will help us get to town during the winter. One time before we lived here full-time we visited in the winter. When our vacation was over, we had a difficult time leaving due to snow on some of the hills. That shouldn't be a problem this winter.

It is not green and not blue at the same time. The official name is Verdant Green. I find that ironic since it is technically an SUV; just about the least verdant green thing a private citizen can own.

It was the smallest 4 wheel drive on our search.

We only use it about twice a week.
Today we plan to go to the Farmers' Market in Blairsville. Then we will go to Blue Ridge or not depending entirely on whim. Since Blue Ridge is on our schedule for Tuesday, we may wait.

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