Sleeves almost finished and ready to block, back and front halves blocking since Saturday. This is the North Shore pullover by Oat Couture. I called them when I found that one of the back halves knits out to be TWO INCHES bigger all around than the other. I asked if there was a problem in the pattern since there is obviously a discrepancy in the number of cast-on stitches for each half. I asked if I should keep knitting or block it before joining. I was not given much help so I am forging on as if I know what I am doing. The person "helping" me said to just follow the directions and everything would be just fine. Hah.

As you can see, the parts are NOT sewn together and I AM blocking them first. I decided to skip the insipid stitch pattern for the sleeves and I have substituted one of my personal favorites, broken rib. I don't think the sleeves will be too ribby since I intend to block them! Before sewing them to the sweater! So there! This sweater may end up belonging to HMHC. It may suit her better.

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