This school scarf was knit a couple of years ago in a horrible yarn called Comfort. For awhile it was my stoplight scarf. Don't need one up here! there are not many stoplights and when you find one, the red doesn't last long. Anyway, I knit it for this sweater.

Take a last look, it will be unknit and put up in balls by the end of this week. It is Takamay cotton with little flecks of deep red. The pattern is for a Henley style sweater and it was a disaster from the very beginning. I signed up for a class, figuring I could learn the finer points of sweater making from an expert. Since it was a class at a shop, I was expected to buy the yarn there. I could not afford what I liked and when I found something that would do, inevitably there was not enough of it. This was probably my fourth choice.
It was okay to knit with, but there was very little to the lessons. I wanted to make a top down, crew neck sweater with long sleeves. I was given a Henley pattern with short set in sleeves and told it would be easy to convert it. Several weeks of struggle (figuring out rewrites to a pattern that had NONE of the features I wanted) got me as far as the sleeves. I was told to find yet another pattern to cobble together some sort of decrease system for those sleeves and rip it back if I didn't like them.

This week I AM ripping it back and I AM ripping up the pattern! The yarn will become the top-down raglan I wanted. I even have the RIGHT pattern this time!

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