I am growing parsley and basil! In the middle is where chives are not growing.

We make our own pizza on Fridays. I buy whole wheat pizza shells, brush them with olive oil, layer on sliced ripe tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, and top with my own home grown basil for the finishing touch! Dinner costs about $4.00 for two. It really is better with fresh, expensive mozzarella but the cheap stuff is pretty good, also, because of the fresh basil.

Finished, finally: one pair pink and purple socks.

No, that is NOT how they look now. Back in June 2009 I remarked that the heels were turned. Yup. Total rip out. Here they are finally reknitted:

This is Seacoast yarn, colorway TAFFY. I've blogged about them before but this time they really are done. They are somewhat longer than most crew socks. They weigh 68 grams and I have about 44 grams left over. The Seacoast Super Sock skeins have 570 yards on them so I estimate that I have about 250 yards left over.

HMHC and I took some cedar sachet to the yarn shop for sale, yesterday. When my sewing machines get out of the shop, I will make up some more bags for some lavender sachets.

Jeff and I were upposed to go to Atlanta today to buy some foam pieces to re-do cushions on the porch furniture. We probably will not go, though. We went into town yesterday and I have been begging to go to the Farmer's Market Saturday. That is enough traveling for one week. No sense putting a two hour trip south in the mix!

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