I finally finished the leaf scarf for a beloved sister-in-law. Her birthday is coming up soon!

It is 10 inches by 41 inches, blocked. I used Karabella Aurora 8. It is 100%Merino worsted and is a dream to knit. I bought it at Knit! in Longwood, Florida.

It has such great stitch definition I chose to use a stitch pattern that shows a little of what it can do as lace and as cable. You can't tell from the picture of the scarf but the stitches cross to make the center vein of the leaf. That is not really a cable but it is close.

We washed the pollen from the windows and screens yesterday. It is time to open the windows! Overnight temperatures are in the upper 50s and right now it is 61F (16C) I love sleeping with the windows open. That was a really narrow *window of time* when I was a Floridian.

I did a few random stitches here and there on different projects, did some writing, and then started looking for the right embellishments to finish a recent project. Oops. Now I am finished organizing all but one element of my extensive button stash. That was time I enjoyed but I still have 6 pair of socks on needles and only knit 21 of the 32 rows I had left to pronounce a long-time sock pair finished. I will finish today and you might see them tomorrow.

Today we are going into town. It is knitting day for HMHC and me. Most Thursdays I get together with my dear friend, HMHC. She lives about 25 minutes from here but halfway to the YARN STORE. When we feel like it, we go and sit at the table with PJ, Julie (if she is not busy), Ginny, Sheila, Ro, and anyone else who wanders in to the shop. They used to have a website but I can't find it right now. Maybe they took it down since they are brick and mortar but not an internet store.

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