We are starting to decorate for fall. My wreathe is up inside and I am hoping to get HMHC to help me arrange some dried flowers.

I love the chinese lanterns. Maybe I can grow my own next year. The basil I planted in my petunia basket is growing nicely. I will bring it in when the weather gets nippy.

I haven't decided what to put on the mantle. I have a couple of seasonal wall quilts almost ready to hang. I will have to get those out and work on them. Check back tomorrow--I DID get one wall quilt up!


Grand Purl Baa said...

Fabbo autumn wreath. What a lovley idea. Can I do spring wreath for us down under? Better come back tomorrow then.

Purl Buttons said...

Yes--I have one in the cellar somewhere waiting for spring up here--mostly sunflowers. I guess that one should be summer. Hmmm.Will look into a spring wreathe!