In the front of the sweater queue:

This is Oat Couture's North Shore Pullover. Mine is at the 4 panels done stage and I have re-knit one of the panels because I could not figure out where I stopped knitting in the stitch pattern when I put the needles down. I think this is the second year this has been a project.

I am using Encore Worsted in a seafoam green color. Not my favorite yarn, not my favorite color but HMHC and I cast on at the same time and it was a dual knitting project. The yarn was inexpensive and there was enough of the seafoam color in the sale bin for my size. Maybe I should send this to the front of the queue. It IS nearly finished. Needs sleeves.

This is a project from Knitting Pure and Simple and is for Elder Son. Also in Encore, it is a tweedy blue which after I cast-on and knitted a few rows I could see was completely wrong. He wants it quite short. It is worked top down and I just got to and knitted the bottom band last week. This December will be its second Christmas on needles. Needs sleeves.

There is no picture of the Maggie Mae and Me sweater on the needles. I have looked all over the web for it and my copy is pretty raggedy. Here is the yarn. It is Berrocco Vintage in the juniper colorway. It is lovely to knit. It reminds me of blueberries. The blue yarn is exactly the color of blueberry skins and it has a little halo in the red-violet color of the meat of the berry. This sweater is a top-down raglan with a crew neck. It has been on the needles only 3 weeks and is finished down to the band at the bottom. Guess what. Needs sleeves.

New project as of Thursday. It is an Ann Norling. Beautiful sale yarn in a grape. I am making the smaller, front version with the wide neck. It is almost done! Needs sleeves.

Watch for the sock queue, coming soon.

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