Finally blocked: a wonderful wool Noro entrelac made for me by HMHC. I can hardly wait to wear it!
Look how well the colors line up on both ends of the scarf. I tried entrelac once and it is not for me, but I sure appreciate the final product!

Another finally blocked piece: Alpaca lace scarf. The only good things about this scarf: it is made of alpaca and it was luxury to hold while knitting, it is finally finished. Drawbacks: I hate the pattern, I hate that the person who "helped me" at the yarn store looked at my gauge and said it was good for the project because, "It is just a scarf, gauge doesn't matter." WRONG. Gauge in a lace stitch always matters. This scarf has been finished for about 4 or 5 years and never blocked until this summer because I could see that it should have been knit looser. Anyone want an alpaca scarf?

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