Yup, it is 48 degrees F.
What is it? I do not know, but whatever it is, it is finished. It is a sort of rectangle shape and drapes across the shoulders like a shawl but it is not really shawl length, more cape-like. The yarn is: Misti Alpaca chunky with Cherry Tree Hill Alpaca Glitter. I knit it and unknit it and reknit it and unknit it and finally on the last reknit, I said, "That's enough of that." It is what it is.

I found a huge button in my stash just the right size and color. Helen and I both found similar difficulty working on this very simple pattern. It was a case of seeing one in the shop, getting excited about it, buying the yarn and being told, "You don't need a pattern; here's what you do--" and then a myriad of interruptions follow and Helen and Michelle give up and decide to figure it out on their own. How hard could it be?

When Jeff and I arrived in the mountains in July, THIS shawl had a moth on it the size of Kentucky. Maybe it was never destined to be a garment and is in a temporary shape awaiting its turn to be food for larval moths.

I really enjoyed the Farmers' Market yesterday. I bought summer squash, red peppers, and corn. Then we went to a smallish festival out at the Historical Museum and I met a lady who learned to spin this summer. She had a beautiful Kromski Minstrel wheel. Maybe I will meet more spinners soon.

I love my Kaleidoscope program. It makes my market veggies look like art.

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