Went to my evening quilt guild in Blue Ridge. We had a gift exchange. Remember, I bought a pattern and purse clasps? I received four fat quarters of fabric, a package of needle pullers all in a cute little stocking someone made and used their embroidery machine to make a Santa and Rudolph. I will get pictures later. 

There was a huge buffet since everyone brought something. I brought teeny squares of butterscotch brownies.  There were a lot of sweets and a lot of sweets left over after. I decided that I prefer savory to sweet. Maybe I just sampled too many butterscotch brownies while I was cutting them up. At any rate, every time I have to make something to bring somewhere, I end up bringing most of it back again and my family is happy to see it come back in the door. I will be bringing the same thing to the Monday guild. Maybe I should put a sign so people know what it is.

To get ready for the meeting last night, I thought I would share my stocking for the exchange. I also took the Julie McCullough Santa off the wall to show. I checked the date--I made it in 1996! They took pictures so maybe it will be up on their website. If so, I will link here. Probably not until later in the week.

Today I will probably go for a walk with a neighbor if my back feels okay. I have to go check on all the contests I am in, see you later!

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Michelle said...

Butterscotch brownies -- sounds yummy!