A little garment sewing with Simplicity patterns.

What will it be? It is a birthday request from a 1976 Simplicity pattern.

Yes, that pattern cost $1.25.
Usually I only cut out one thing at a time but a couple of days ago I cut out TWO projects in one day. Then I spent the rest of the day reading.  

 The other project is also an apron. It does not look as modern as the 35 year old pattern above but the price sure is current.
 In  the store, you can buy this for $14.95. I make a list of all the patterns I want/ need and when we go into a real city that has patterns for sale, I use my coupons or hope we are there on a day when that particular pattern company is on sale. I only had to part with $1.99 to get the pattern for the apron on the far right of this package. I am making a modification, of course. I can never leave well-enough alone. My shoulder straps will be more streamlined since I deleted the scallops. And the applique'.

The fabric for the big apron is a two strong pinks on brown. I have bias tape in the same shade as the darker pink to make the finishing touches. I decided to make an apron because I can not bring myself to wear a bib while I eat. Ironically, the only thing this apron does not cover is the place I usually spill my food.  I will probably have to wear a bib anyway.

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