Two meetings on one day at the same time in two different churches. Next Thursday, my OASIS classes resume. I will be taking chair caning as well as Intermediate II basketry. Unfortunately, that is when Fiber Active (through the Misty Mountain Quilt Guild) meets, as well. I at first RSVPed that I would attend F. A. but since I looked at my calender, I realize I can not do both. It is important not to miss the first meeting of ANY class, even if you expect to miss some of the others. I have asked F.A. to reschedule  for another day of the week. There were five of us last time, and at least two of us are OASIS students.

I also take a Crazy Quilt class through the guild, and even though my Quilty Friend does not take that class, she knew this pattern was for me! It is from Canada Goose Designs and it is called CRAZY WEDDING RING. It is so unusual! It combines crazy quilting with TURNED EDGE applique! The pattern says to use all your machine stitches and make lots of rectangles, then using a petal shaped cutting template, cut them out. After that, use a finishing template, turn the edges. When a  background is selected and marked, baste the petals on to it, then applique. The pattern has it all done by machine which might be a great idea for the crib quilt size. I might start there. Since I am also in the machine quilting challenge--check my blog badge to the right--this will be a great excuse to learn some of my machine's stitches.

Can you see a tiny cardinal in a gilded cage? My Florida brother's family sent that along with this lovely vanilla shower gel and lotion. I sure smell good right now!

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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

My favorite B and B is Vanilla Bean Noel for this time of year.. but the warm vanilla sugar is one of my usual that I choose... so yummy smelling ;O)