HECK.  I can't get this post to wait until tomorrow and I have already lost and rewritten it twice.  Also, I hate the way the photos are difficult to place within the text. There has to be a better blogging system out there somewhere.

I am making bears. I am using felt and doing a lot of machine stitching, some hand stitching, and thoroughly enjoying it. I wish I had all wool felt to work with but this crafty quality is workable. I wanted a bear to be just the right size to enjoy this little tea party. Do you see the price? I found it at CVS.

Oops, it isn't Monday Tea Time and I have a tea related post. I will try to save all my other tea-set pictures for Mondays. This tea pot is about 2 inches tall, so I thought a 6-7 inch bear would be just about right. I looked through my patterns but didn't see exactly what I wanted, so, of course, I reinvented the wheel--that is, I drafted my own pattern.

I wanted a slimmer sort of style but I wanted it to be be proportional.

I don't know if you can tell, but the head turned out much too large and required a lot of retro-fitting.

She looks a little cold. I will have to make her a dress.

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Janet said...

The tea set is very cute. I can't wait to see the dress. What a lovely bear.