I am back again. Actually, it WAS my back again. Lower back, to be specific. Rest, stretching, yoga, and lots of analgesic. Then walking as it improved.

Anyway, I got out of the house today and bought a gift for one of my guild exchanges. I waited just long enough for inspiration to strike, then headed to my favorite "local" quilt store--Bless My Stitches. If you click the link, you will see it is actually in the next state.  Bless My Stitches is closer to where I live than my other favorite quilt shop which is in my county, Fabric Center.  

I bought this pattern and a package of magnetic clasps. If I was in a quilt guild (like I am--in two of them) and I was to participate in a gift exchange and the limit was $10 (okay, cheated just a little) this is something I would enjoy. Not only does it support both a small business and a pattern designer, the recipient can MAKE gifts from the gift. I am very pleased.

Pink Sand Beach Designs exists somewhere in cyberspace. I do not really know where in geography Nancy Green is located but she must like traveling. Go to her website and check the names of the purses she designs!

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