I am still mostly sewing, somewhat reading and having a little trouble with my back. Today should be all sewing and just a little complaining.  No pictures. The stocking is coming along GREAT but maybe my exchange person is looking and maybe it is supposed to be a secret. It should be in the mail Friday and after a decent interval, I will post all the pictures you have been missing.

We put the Santa's Little Helper t-shirt on the dog. She looked cute and growled when I tried to take it off but I did not want to overheat her. Wish I had a picture of THAT to show you.

The pre-lit tree is up and we have been to town to buy two more strings of lights for the middle section. Why is it always the middle section that will not light? Half the ornaments are out of the boxes, the wreathes are up and I am ready for egg nog. The person putting up the tree and messing with the lights has not taken the new strings of lights out of the boxes yet...

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